This website has been created to promote positive change for Peterhead & the surrounding area of Buchan.

For many years we have witnessed Peterhead shrink to a fraction of its former self. Key areas of employment including Fishing, Engineering & Retail have been in decline, the tide is about to turn & with a concerted effort Peterhead could be brought back to its former glory.

The Time to Act Is Now

With upcoming local elections held on the 3rd May this year we have an opportunity to really change the future of our Buchan area.

This exciting opportunity only happens once every 4 Years!

The First Steps

It's vital that we have the correct candidates representing the interests of Buchan.
We have 4 independent candidates 100% committed to change representing the following wards:-

North Ward

Alan Buchan
Alan Gardiner

South Ward

Peter Stevenson
Tom Malone

If you're serious about change then VOTE for change.

Please use the links on the top of this page to read more about our candidates & the voting process.